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~ Lloydminster Bombed
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- Summer, 1985 (1985.1) (#176).  A vision received by Thomas S. Gibson.
- The Prophetic Word, 1125  6 Ave, Wainwright, Alberta, Canada, T9W 1G2.

It was many years ago when I had this vision, but at that time it was very rare to for me to receive such a thing, and I was not writing them down. The Lord has brought this upon my heart to write it down at this time, and make it apart of the books.

To the best of my memory it was 1985, give or take a year. I was driving a truck route from Wainwright to Lloydminster for Bison Freightline, and was in Lloyd stopping at a stop sign. There was no one around just at that moment on the streets.

As I look ahead I could see the buildings (apartments mostly, and a few other houses and buildings) as anyone would see them. Then without any warning I could also see with my spiritual eye (I really can't explain how this works, but it does!). While I was seeing with my spiritual eye, I could still see with my physical eye what anyone would have seen.

These same buildings I was looking at I could see spiritually, but with whole pieces missing, liked they were remains of a bombing. It really looked like that, as you might see on a television news broadcast of something overseas. It lasted only a few seconds; then it was over.

^  Events surrounding this prophecy.
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